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Granite Countertop Staten Island – Richmond Granite’s Specialty!

At Richmond Granite, we believe the Granite Countertop Staten Island market is being underserved when it comes to craftsmanship. Our intention is to provide the craftsmanship necessary to make certain that the smallest, most intricate detail is attended to before we consider any project completed. We believe that when a guest or loved-one notices the tiniest imperfection in the craftsmanship, it can distract from the entire project.

Any decent company can order and install materials and consider the project complete. Only a company like Richmond Granite will pay as much attention to detail as necessary to consider a project perfect. Our craftsmen are hired based on attitude as much as skill level. We believe the attitude we require translates into a PERFECT project rather than just a good project.

We find that having our consumer involved in the project every step of the way insures the project will be completed as ordered and that we will exceed expectations on every project. We believe that our customer’s expectations supersede our own. Giving the appropriate time for our customer to inspect our work all along the way will also save time in completing the project. Our craftsmen will always consider the job at hand their top priority whether it be small or large.  For a gorgeous new Granite Countertop, Custom Countertop, or Custom Stonework, we’re the right team for you. 

Our Products & Suppliers

Richmond Granite purchases only top quality granite and stone from reputable suppliers. We maintain an inventory so that our potential customer can see the slab rather than a small tile. We understand that small samples or pictures are not what the customer should rely on when attempting to make an informed decision. Holding a sample and inspecting it in the proper light is the best way to form an opinion. A countertop in a brightly lit showroom may not look the same in your kitchen or bath.

We like to do business with our suppliers based on the value of the product as well as the cost per square foot. When we take advantage of special pricing scenarios we will always pass the savings along to our customer. We only do business with reliable suppliers which allows Richmond Granite to complete your project as promised.

The Added Value

Updating worn countertops throughout your home not only looks so much better, but according to the real estate site Zillow, granite countertops do increase the value of your home. In a tough selling market, anything you can do to separate your home from comparable homes can deliver a return on your investment. When considering the upgrade, it is much better to upgrade the countertops throughout your home to keep the color flow intact. Well maintained granite countertops can last indefinitely whereas anything less eventually succumbs to wear and tear.

The Decision

We certainly understand that investing in the interior of your home is an important decision and we want to help you make an informed decision. To that end, Richmond Granite provides some powerful tools on our website. By visiting you can select the Virtual Kitchen Tab and create the kitchen of your dreams and then contact us for a project estimate. You can learn in advance what we have to offer and review testimonials from both commercial and residential clients. We understand that price is important but we ask you to consider; do you want it cheap or do you want it PERFECT?
Our project manager will always do more listening than talking. You know what you want and it is our responsibility to see that you get it on time and within budget. Take some time to visit our site and get familiar with various projects we have completed. If you are looking for new ideas, click on the “Our Portfolio” tab to review projects in 10 different categories.

Our Reputation

All craftsmen will either live or die by their reputation. Angie’s List is proof of how important a customer’s review of your work can be. Rather than take a risk with the new guy on the block offering the cheapest price in the market, consider how important the outcome of your project is to you.
Richmond Granite has been in business since 1987. We certainly did not come this far for this long by leaving disappointed customers in our wake. We take every job seriously and always strive to exceed the expectations of new and repeat customers. You can read the testimonials on our website, but better yet, ask your friends and neighbors on Staten Island who have contracted with us. We are very confident that you will get a positive referral from a very satisfied customer.


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